Beechwood Cemetery Service Building

Location: City of Vaughan

The Situation: Beechwood is an established, park-like cemetery with rolling hills, beautiful buildings, and acres of trees. The site required a new Service Building to house groundskeeping offices, equipment and materials.  A somewhat isolated area of the cemetery has nearby wetland and forested berms which, although unsatisfactory for other uses, offers a secluded location for the Service Building and an opportunity for ecological enhancements.

The Solution and Result: Working closely with the local Conservation Authority and Civil Engineer, the Snow Larc team deployed Low Impact Development principles. The result is a plan which takes advantage of the natural topography to direct water through a vegetated swale (bioswale) and back to the water table.  To camouflage the practical use of the service area, native and in-situ plant material was preserved and enhanced wherever possible while threatening invasive plants were removed. This approach reduces costs, improves habitat, and keeps water where it belongs – out of storm sewers.

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