Elgin Mills Cemetery

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Elgin Mills Cemetery in Richmond Hill has seen significant enhancements recently, beginning with its visitation center. The renovation and expansion project, initiated in 2012, aimed to integrate operational areas subtly into the serene landscape, while also incorporating distinctive design elements. Throughout the process, collaboration was key. Working alongside the client and various design experts, we navigated the permit and approvals processes. The design solution serves diverse groups, offering private patios, communal spaces, and a professional outdoor space for the cemetery business unit. By repurposing existing vegetation and landforms, we crafted an environment that exudes the essence of an established landscape. The culmination of our efforts is a space that balances the beauty of natural, low-maintenance greenery with functional garden areas and a comprehensive network for foot and vehicle traffic. This newly created environment honors the cemetery’s existing architectural and landscape features, achieving a seamless integration of the new with the old.

Building on the success of the visitation center expansion at Elgin Mills Cemetery, Snow Larc was tasked with creating a comprehensive development plan and detailed design for an exclusive section of executive estate lots. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to develop funeral and cemetery spaces that cater to the community’s varied needs. The chosen location for the estate lots is near a Buddhist sculpture garden, also a Snow Larc creation, offering serene views of the cemetery’s natural edge. Despite the tight timeline, the design incorporates extensive planting within this compact area, establishing a distinguished and unified space that stands apart from the open areas and complements the adjacent art installation. A new gateway feature blends into the existing pathways, while strategic planting enhances the scenic vistas of the pond and lush surroundings.

Snow Larc played a pivotal role as Landscape Architect for the expansion of the cemetery, effectively doubling its original size. The firm adeptly steered through a complex approval process, including the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), conservation authorities, and local municipalities. This strategic navigation was crucial in facilitating the successful enlargement of the cemetery’s grounds.


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