Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Columbaria Expansion

Location: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hamilton, ON

The Situation: This well-established Catholic diocese cemetery required a visually unifying plan for an undeveloped pocket of land. Additionally, over the years of various municipal roadwork projects, the grade of the cemetery land had fallen somewhat below the road level. This impacted visibility from the road in to the cemetery. Additionally, one side of the property required screening as it abuts a commercial landscape yard.

The Solution and Result: Snow Larc developed concepts based on three options: 1) traditional interment options, 2) an extensive columbaria, and 3) a design that combined the features of both 1 and 2. The client chose this third option and the resulting master plan includes seating areas and a large decorative walled garden feature that addresses the street and offers curb appeal. The new columbaria creatively serve a dual purpose by screening the commercial property next door.

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