Resurrection Cemetery Expansion

Location: Resurrection Cemetery, Hamilton, ON

The Situation: A growing demand for cremation continues to push the growth of this prestigious cemetery. As is often the case, the challenge was to marry the old and the new to present a unified look. Assets that Snow Larc accommodated include existing plant material and a drainage ditch which cuts across the property.

The Solution and Result: As part of the Snow Larc master plan, a large memorial walk extends across the site with columbaria walls lining a central pathway leading to a large sculpture at its terminus.

Snow Larc made use of an existing hedgerow along the property’s west side and enhanced it with native plant material as an added buffer. This plays to the thinking of a possible future woodland memorial trail.

The drainage ditch was converted into an asset by developing it into a river of memories and cremation garden, complete with pedestrian bridge and attractive landscaping. A dry riverbed serves to channel away stormwater when necessary.

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