Beechwood National Cemetery 

Ottawa, ON

Snow Larc has had the honour of providing Landscape Architecture consulting services to Beechwood National Cemetery since 2017.

Our initial collaboration involved expanding the existing cremation garden, enhancing the cemetery’s capacity and aesthetic appeal. This project set the stage for ongoing development and design improvements throughout the cemetery. The new comprehensive plan addresses the growing preference for cremation over traditional burial. In collaboration with Beechwood’s team, a phased plan was developed to ensure the cemetery meets future needs. The design extends the cremation garden’s concentric circles to the edges of the garden and forest, integrating family columbaria and memorial benches into the landscape. A trail and a forest columbarium make use of an existing road, while more columbaria enhance the formal gardens. The landscape prioritizes the comfort of visitors and staff, introducing a new phase that includes in-ground cremation spaces and a columbarium. The layout ensures safe and accessible travel paths amidst various memorial areas. Walkways gracefully link the formal cremation garden to the undulating terrain, eventually merging with the established cemetery roads. The design also anticipates the cremation garden’s expansion, with plans for more columbaria to be incorporated as future demands and finances allow.

Snow Larc’s portfolio of projects at Beechwood includes ecological restoration and habitat enhancement, which aims to revitalize natural environments. We’ve provided guidance on the installation of buffer plantings to create natural barriers and improve landscape aesthetics. We’ve designed section expansions for distinct communities and improvements to existing police and military sections. Each project is tailored to harmonize with the surrounding landscape and diverse community needs.