About Us

Snow Larc Landscape Architecture is a small firm that puts big value on bringing a personal approach to every engagement. Our results reflect the values of our client. What truly sets us apart is a refusal to look at any assignment, of any size, through cookie-cutter eyes. Why? Because we believe our precious green spaces and the people who use them, and manage them, always deserve better. So our projects become places that breathe and function with their own distinct character.

We specialize in parks, playgrounds and cemeteries. This focus calls on our projects to address the needs of diverse populations spanning all ages, cultures, and abilities. At the same time, each space possesses a natural and sustainable capacity that has the ultimate say in what makes good sense. Snow Larc delivers the right balance with our full range of services.

We provide teams of custom curated individuals, and also provide sub-consultant services to architects and engineers. We effectively serve clients throughout the GTA and across Ontario.

Our Approach – Design Smarter

Our commitment to “design smarter” is built on the belief that the best design doesn’t need to be complicated. Experience shows us that, as we move away from the most direct solution, sustainability is too often compromised. Maintainability and ongoing costs of upkeep and replacement are vital to the long-term integrity of the space.

Our “design smarter” philosophy is based on three core elements:

Respect for Environment – designing as nature intended (read more)

Snow Larc strives to balance functional needs with ecology, designing as nature intended. We equally consider topography and soil science against the context and proposed use of your site to determine the most effective system for you. By using the most appropriate technology we ensure a site functions optimally while satisfying the need for a relevant design aesthetic.

Our work combines practicality and creativity through the incorporation of bioswales, infiltration areas, permeable pavement, and other smart technologies.

Cost-effectiveness – knowing and applying the ‘value vs cost’ formula (read more)

Being cost-effective means knowing and applying the formula of value vs cost and helping clients and their stakeholders understand this balance.

Value has multiple meanings in Landscape Architecture:

There is the value that comes from looking at existing conditions to understand what can be integrated into the project, avoiding unnecessary costs and freeing up budget to do more in other areas.

Value comes from creating designs that use materials and products with proven durability that stand up to harsh outdoor conditions as well as excessive and repetitive wear and tear. Ignoring this kind of value can lead to significant maintenance and replacement costs.

Value is also derived from selecting features that ensure a limited amount of space, shared by a large number of people, can serve the needs of many for as much of the year as possible. This means less need to invest in additional new spaces and features to accommodate growing populations.

Inclusive Consultation – making sure all the required voices are heard (read more)

We start every project with a client meeting and we make sure that all the required voices are in the room. Rather than immediately present a design solution, we listen to your needs, wants, and concerns for the site. We then conduct a thorough site assessment and ensure we fully understand all aspects of the project….before we start designing.

Inclusive consultation is a continuous process throughout a project. Ongoing mindfulness and timely communication is an important part of Snow Larc’s Design Smarter commitment.