We all develop a real and emotional attachment to the places we frequent, to enjoy treasured moments of fresh air and get closer to nature.

Together, Snow Larc works with you and your stakeholders in ways that tap these needs and emotions so that a project is the best it can be, for everyone. Our skills in needs assessment, concept communication, consensus development and progress reporting frequently make the difference between a successful project and a stressful one.

We design and deliver many types of Public Open Space projects:

  • Neighbourhood and community parks and parkettes (incl. expansion and redevelopment plans for existing spaces)
  • Sculpture gardens and public art experiences
  • Interpretive landscapes
  • Trails and bridges
  • Stormwater management areas (infiltration areas, rain gardens, and bioswales)
  • Naturalization and habitat restoration
  • Urban plazas
  • Civic squares and streetscapes
  • Community amenity space, e.g. dog parks, sports fields, swimming pools

Visit our Projects Page to learn about some of our parks and public spaces projects.