More than any other type of space, cemetery projects strive to achieve a fine balance between distinct needs:

  1. From a visitor’s perspective, a cemetery is a place where they can be assured of a quiet environment offering solitude and respect for one’s surroundings.
  2. For families, a cemetery can only become a ‘place of choice’ for themselves, or loved ones, if they feel right about it in their own personal way.
  3. From the owner and manager’s perspective, a cemetery must be operational and marketable. The activities of various service providers need suitable access.

With skill and understanding, Snow Larc designs and delivers cemetery projects that bring these potentially disparate sets of needs together.

Our experience covers the spectrum of cemetery properties – urban and suburban, municipal, private and not-for-profit:

    • Open space design for new and existing cemetery buildings (e.g. visitation centres, mausoleums, utility buildings)
    • Cemetery expansion plans
    • Scattering gardens and memorial forests
    • Special feature landscapes
    • Veterans memorials
    • Entry features

Visit our Projects Page to learn about some of our cemetery projects.