What We Do

As a full service Landscape Architect, Snow Larc specializes in design of public and private open space, with distinct expertise in parks, playgrounds and cemeteries. In addition to acting as the primary consultant, we are also regularly engaged by architects and engineers to provide sub-consultant services.

Open spaces must meet the needs of many populations spanning all ages, cultures, and abilities. At the same time, each individual space possesses a natural and sustainable capacity that has the ultimate say in what makes good sense. Snow Larc creatively delivers the right balance that comprehensively considers those that manage the space, and those that use it.

With a client approach that is personalized from beginning to end, Snow Larc’s range of services ensures that every project benefits fully from our design smarter approach – from preliminary project discussions to full contract administration.


Our services include:


Conceptual and Detailed Design

  • Initial project discussion/conceptualization
  • Landscape inventory and analysis
  • Site programming

Community Consultation

  • Public presentation and facilitation
  • Needs assessments

Technical reviews and reports

  • Expert opinion for OMB and legal challenges
  • Peer reviews
  • Design briefs
  • Facility master/operations plans

Contract Documents

  • Site Plan Approval and Permit drawings
  • Construction documents and specifications
  • Cost estimates and budgeting

Contract Administration

  • Tender assistance
  • Site reviews and inspections


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