We design outdoor public spaces…

that connect people with nature amid urban surroundings

We do landscape architecture differently…

by giving voices to people and to the space itself

From design concept to reality…

a unique sense of place emerges in our parks, playgrounds and cemeteries

Open skies. Open paths.

Snow Larc designs outdoor public spaces that enhance and sustain the human connection with nature amid urban surroundings. Our personal approach to each client’s needs ensures that together we create a unique sense of place where people gravitate…..to grow, to share and to respect.


A play space can expand a child’s learning – at every age and stage – into the outdoor environment. We know how….read more

Open Spaces

Higher density communities mean that outdoor public places are more precious and more used than ever by diverse populations. We know how…..read more


The functions of your cemetery need to be seamless and unobtrusive, preserving the sanctity of these places of final rest. We know how…..read more

Ask us what ‘design smarter’ can mean for your project


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