About Us


Playgrounds are special places where childhood is given special opportunities that can only happen in an open air environment. And not all playgrounds are built form. In fact, many of the best playgrounds are natural spaces that require only minimal input by the Landscape Architect.

For the child we consider all ages and abilities to provide opportunities for fun, exploration, socialization and motor skill development.

For property owners and managers we ensure that our playground designs deliver durability, cost-effectiveness and maintainability.

Because safety concerns everyone, we design all of our playground projects to achieve overall project goals while scrutinizing and adjusting through a lens of safety assurance. We adhere to rigorous guiding principles that are mandated by local school boards and the Province as it relates to design for child care and playground facilities. This includes the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Typical Snow Larc playground projects include:

  • Accessible, natural, and traditional play spaces
  • School, daycare and other educational facility outdoor space
  • Sports fields
  • Learning/Sensory gardens

Visit our Projects Page to learn about some of our playground projects.