Elgin Mills Visitation Centre

Location: Elgin Mills Cemetery, Richmond Hill, ON

The Situation: When it first opened in 2000, the visitation centre at this suburban cemetery represented the beginning of a shift toward full service facilities, with both funeral service and cemetery in a single location.

As the community surrounding the cemetery evolved, so did the needs of its customers. In 2012 the cemetery began an extensive renovation and expansion of the existing visitation centre which needed to include discrete changes designed to camouflage the practical use of operational areas within the pastoral setting of the existing landscape, and also bold statement pieces, all to be built around the ongoing visitation centre operations.

The Solution and Result: We worked with the client and multiple design disciplines through the building permit and site plan approval process.

The solution incorporates multiple functions for a variety of user groups including secluded patios and gathering areas, welcoming public spaces, and attractive corporate offices. Existing plant material and landform was reused wherever possible, designing smarter to create a space with the feel of a mature landscape. We discussed design options with both the development team and facility staff to ensure a full understanding of everyone’s needs.

The end result addresses the need for naturalized and low-maintenance planting, feature garden areas, and an extensive network of pedestrian and vehicular circulation routes. This new space is complementary to the existing architecture and landscape elements, seamlessly blending new and old.

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