Heather Heights Park

Toronto, Ontario

Nestled amidst the urban tapestry of Toronto, this park unfolds as an oasis at the crossroads of a bustling intersection, where pedestrians weave their paths with purposeful haste. The landscape bore the organic signature of countless footsteps, etching a spontaneous trail through the woodlot floor. The park’s play structures, once vibrant with the echoes of laughter, had succumbed to time’s relentless march, signaling a need for renewal. Moreover, the park’s proximity to a hydro corridor presented a unique set of challenges and possibilities.

Engaging in a collaborative dialogue with the community and Hydro One, Snow Larc envisioned a sanctuary that celebrated accessibility and play. The design emerged, thoughtfully distanced from the thoroughfare, creating a serene enclave that mitigates the urban din while steadfastly upholding the tenets of safety. The playgrounds, conceived as dual realms, cater to the diverse tapestry of youth. For small children, an enclave infused with the whimsy of natural elements beckons, while the older, adventurous spirits are drawn to the dynamic challenge of a parcours-inspired urban obstacle course, a testament to the vibrancy of youthful exuberance.

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