Heathrow Park Trail

and Creek Restoration

Location: Heathrow Park, Toronto, ON

The Situation: Once fraught with crime and undesirable users, this existing trail required major upgrades to alleviate substantial flooding and maintenance concerns. This asphalt path was continuously being washed out due to flash flooding, and the existing trail required major upgrades to alleviate substantial safety and maintenance concerns.

The Solution and Result: Rather than simply replace the asphalt, we conducted a thorough site investigation to determine the root cause of the flooding. Arriving on site it became evident the problems stemmed from existing culverts which fully enclosed this section of Black Creek tributary. Together we worked with the City, Conservation Authority, and a team of sub-consultants to return this creek to daylight.

A prefabricated metal bridge has now been added to facilitate ease of access for maintenance purposes and improve flow during storm events. New native planting material protects the banks, and the creek itself has been reinvigorated.

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