Honey and Barry Park

Toronto, Ontario

Nestled in the 27-acre Sherman Campus, Honey and Barry Community Park is a natural oasis within a larger park that cradles a hub of Jewish culture and support organizations including the headquarters of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and Prosserman JCC. Here, the lives of Honey and Barry Sherman are honoured with a revitalized space that protects and raises awareness of nature while nurturing the needs of a community of all ages.

The park is on a well-served public transit route and welcomes visitors of all abilities. Overlooked by a long seat wall, the central lawn accommodates soccer, farmers markets, outdoor movies, and assorted multi-season passive and active use. A log amphitheater and flagpole are the focal point for day camp activities. Log and boulder “story circles” house small gatherings, while, at regular intervals along the accessible ring path, benches offer rest and conversation.

Elements meaningful to the Jewish community were woven into the park fabric. The plantings are entirely native species, arranged in multiples of 18, a signifier of Life in Judaism, and educational signage throughout the park incorporates Jewish Cultural references with information about local wildlife.

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