Zonta Meadows Linear Park

Mississauga, Ontario

Opened to the public in 2017, Zonta Meadows Linear Park is our latest addition to the City of Mississauga’s collection of forward-thinking public spaces. The park, situated near Mississauga Civic Centre, provides a link between the older community to the west and the new development to the east. The property cuts a narrow swath from an existing neighbourhood park to Burnhamthorpe Road.  

The project embraces public art as a necessary component, and interprets the history of culture and space, encouraging a sense of identity and place while also encouraging green modes of transportation such as walking and biking.  The site is  a lost river, long since moved to a pipe underground. In response to this, an ephemeral ribbon of blue flowers winds its way through the length of the park.  Custom pedestrian bridges cross the valley of perennials and flowering shrubs, allowing visitors to enter a space where they are amongst the three elements that make up a triptych of sculptural form. Plant selection echoes the native plant palette that would have existed on this site when it was a riperian landscape. The geometric design is a reflection of the traditional property division imposed on the land to create farmsteads.

Thornton Cemetery

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